About Us

Commissioned in 2019, Vore Lojistik İnşaat Petrokimya. operates in many different business areas in the refinery and petrochemical industries. Vore Lojistik İnşaat Petrokimya started its operations in Aliağa, Izmir, and as of 2021, it serves as a critical solution partner at eight different locations.

Vore Lojistik İnşaat Petrokimya is engaged in the handling, transportation and sale of petrochemical byproducts such as petrocoke and sulphur. Additionally, the company provides warehouse management and logistics services at refinery and petrochemical plants. With its strong work force and broad machinery pool, Vore Lojistik İnşaat Petrokimya continues to grow and develop each day to provide its services in line with the most advanced technologies and quality standards.
Vore Lojistik İnşaat Petrokimya