Our Integrated Management System Policy

Vore Lojistik İnşaat Petrokimya, which operates in the storage, handling, transportation, logistics, labor and production machinery procurement of petrochemical by-products such as petroleum coke and Sulphur, has expert staff, equipped with modern machinery, and vehicles that are compliant with the era’s conditions, to provide the best service to customers without compromising on quality and principles. It considers people and the environment as its most valuable asset in all of its activities, and as its primary business goal, it aims to minimize all losses, prevent environmental pollution and continuously improve the Integrated Management System processes by providing a safer and healthier work environment.
As Vore Lojistik İnşaat Petrokimya family we are committed to;
act in accordance with national and international laws and in line with international standards by cooperating with all segments of society as well as institutions and organizations
protect the natural environment by minimizing accidents and diseases and environmental impacts, by controlling the hazards related to Environment and Occupational Health and Safety at the source, with the participation of all employees and a systematic approach
develop methods to minimize material and moral losses in case of an accident or emergency and illnesses that may arise during work, to provide the necessary equipment and to ensure continuous improvement
identify the introduction of prevention of natural resource waste, waste reduction, and waste recycling to the country's economy as our company's main principle
fully understand customer requests and expectations and exceed them by analyzing customer needs and complaints
create a sustainable integrated management system by improving the quality, information security, occupational health and safety and environmental awareness of all personnel working in the ports where our company operates.
Chairman of the Board
Gülüm Aksu