We believe in the power of continuous education to serve in excellent, secure, quality,
competitive, up-to-date technology and methods.
Our vision of best performing the services we provide as Vore Lojistik İnşaat Petrokimya is that
we care about our staff, who are working in critical areas, through quality, the
environment and job health security. In this respect, we aim to increase our professional
competence through constant training and training of our personnel working as drivers in
logistics and transportation.
Finally, thanks to the Technical Driving training we provided for our drivers on our Izmir
Aliaga unit, we have managed to keep our work going smoother and healthier. We have
observed that our drivers’ knowledge and practices at the end of the training can deal
with challenging situations and deliver remarkable improvements in stress management.
Our 32 employees attending the Technical Driving course, provided by the HED
Academy and scheduled for five days, have completed the process of theoretical training
and preparation first. And then we had drivers on the field who had practical training.
They received general safety driving training, such as Defensive Driving, Hazardous
Transportation, Heavy Term, Emergency Response.