We set out to create a shared culture to advance team spirit and ensure employee
happiness in our company.
As a Vore Lojistik İnşaat Petrokimya, we completed the “One Voice One Team” training in line
with the principle of being the “Best in the Region” with the best HR practices. This
training was held in order to build qualified human resources that would help us achieve
the most perfect business results, adopt a “growth together” culture by contributing to the
training and development of this resource, and to create a work environment where team
members that contribute to our success are rewarded and where all our employees can
increase their motivation and perform highly.

The training was based on the theme of IMPACT (I am Movivated Positive Active
Cooperative & Teammate) and was realized with the participation of 30 employees from
the Headquarters and the Izmir Office at Sheraton Hotel in Bursa. Power of Happiness
Educational Institution offers: The training content provided by instructors Ferah Lök,
Tijen Mergen, and Özgür Atanur was to make employees feel that they are a team, to
show that managers care about the happiness of employees, and to communicate the
steps to be taken to create a common culture.
The training program started earlier in the day and included: “What is happiness, how
can it be?, What kind of atmosphere do we want in our organization?, How can we feel
the climate in our organization and when storms break out, how can spring come?,
Relationship Systems-String Exercise and Get to know each other’s worlds!” themes
were addressed.
The “One Voice One Team” training was followed closely by the participants.
Surveys conducted by our post-training Human Resources team also
showed that the employees had received high rates of training and are
expected to continue.